International Chemical Group
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Vision, Mission and Values



To provide integral products and exceptional service to the chemical industry while sustaining a stable and consistent reputation through innovative intelligence. We do this in a safe and healthy work environment for our employees and adhere to all local, national and international regulations.



Through adaptive improvement, we will continue to be a leader in the manufacturing of speciality chemicals. We will advance the speciality chemical intermediate business through our innovation, hard work and responsible care initiatives.

We provide: By being: Through:
Security Accessible Stabilized Process
Agility Honest Responsive Service
Efficiency Sincere Quality Products

Core Values


We are wise and experienced but take responsibility for any errors or changes required in our process. Through continuous improvement and accountability, we are constantly striving to advance each day.

Ethical & Moral

We operate in an ethical and moral business environment. Our ethics encompass diversity, respect and civility. Our morals include to act with integrity, treat others fairly and stay loyal to our customer base.


Our solutions are designed to be profitable for both ourselves and our customers. By focusing on our core values, we create an environment where both parties can achieve lucrative results. Collaborative teamwork yields greater profitability.


Internally we always work together to meet our common goals. This partnership expands beyond our corporate walls and includes our customers becoming part of our team. We strive to structure every business relationship as a win-win.   


A large portion of our business relationships are technology-based. We are a trustworthy partner and can be entrusted to keep your information confidential.


Our Story

Cohesion is the key to our success

International Chemical Group's agile capabilities offer products and solutions across multiple industries.

Our Story

Management Team

Adapting to trends with innovation

International Chemical Group's agile capabilities offer products and solutions across multiple industries.

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