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International Chemical Group (ICG) is a global group of companies offering wholesale manufacturing of oilfield chemicals. We carry a wide range of products and can fulfill a variety of customer needs. Our team is dedicated to service and prides itself on its many long-term relationships.

With over 100 years of technical expertise, there are very few problems we cannot solve. ICG was founded on the idea of product quality and stays thriving through customer service. Our group is focused on specialty chemicals but can also solve basic needs. As an integral partner, we leverage our knowledge to better your business.

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Performance and Quality

Corrosion Inhibitors

A corrosion inhibitor is a chemical agent that prevents the deterioration of metal through reactions with its environment. This compound protects pipeline assets and prevents potentially damaging leaks.

Scale Inhibitors

Scale inhibitors are chemicals that prevent the formation of build-up that can occur in water. When these elements form, they can reduce flow in pipes, resulting in costly repairs. Additionally, scale inhibitors can prevent EH&S concerns, such as minimizing the formation of NORMS (Naturally Occurring Radioactive Material).


Demulsifiers help separate two unmixable fluids that have been forced together. These elements are essential for providing oil with water contents suitable for refining processes.

Paraffin / Asphaltene

These products prevent or minimize the effect of paraffin and asphaltene deposits that can disrupt flow by depositing and plugging right from the wellbore to the refinery.

H2S Scavengers

These elements eliminate Hydrogen Sulfide, which is necessary for safety and process concerns.

Independent Expertise

Lab and Field Testing

Our capabilities extend from the laboratory right through to field testing and product performance evaluations. We work with our customers in every aspect of research, development and marketing.

Advanced Solutions

Responsive Solutions and Agile Service

Our technical team has years of experience formulating products, both in the laboratory and on-site. Our turnaround times on product requests are very fast, and our solutions are always comprehensive and detailed.