Who We Are

International Chemical Group (ICG) is a global group of companies offering wholesale manufacturing of oilfield production chemicals. We offer a wide variety of products and can fulfill many customer needs. Our team is dedicated to service and prides itself on its many long term customer relations.

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Where We Are

ICG is a global company with offices all over the world. We have offices in Canada, the USA, and Europe. Being global allows us to understand your local needs and give you the best service possible. Each office operates individually allowing them to provide solutions before other multi-nationals can respond.

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What We Do

With over 100 years of technical expertise there are very few problems we can't solve. The group was founded on the idea of product quality, and stays thriving through customer service. Our group is focused on specialty chemicals but can often solve basic needs as well. This makes us a partner by using our knowledge to better your business for your customers.

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International Chemical Group

International Chemical Group (ICG) was founded by Chemists that were tired of working for big corporations. Their drive and passion for chemistry was constantly stifled by red tape, and this ultimately hurt the customers.

ICG found a solution to the problem. By having local companies operating under one umbrella, we are able to leverage buying power while still offering the personal service that customers need.

A strong combination of technical expertise, real world experience, and deep industry connections allows us to solve any problem that comes our way. Whether it's a custom formulation made just for you and your application or one of our off the shelf world renowned products, we aren't satisfied until you are.



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